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Confidenz Perfume

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 Unleash You To The Next Level

The scents of creative inspirations. Pure, natural and long lasting.

Nature is an endless source of inspiration and creativity for which natural scents are the origin of our perfume creations. Uptrend2u Confidenz is an array of fragrances inspired by the sweet bouquet of earth, with the intensity and longevity of a perfume based on the concentration of 100% natural French blends.
100% Pure
No Alcohol
Long Lasting
French Origin 

Men Perfumes

    •       ConfiBlue Bring out the true confidence in men

Zesty lemon together with the smoothness of amber, orange flower and lilies of the valley.

           Sportz A sporty feel
Subtle essence from violets harmoniously blended with the warmth of bergamot and oakmoss.

           Black Russian For a masculine perception
Assertive bay rose uniquely combined with the full flavor of clarysage, sandalwood and cedarwood.

           Summer Classique Young, refreshing & energetic
Sharp bergamot blended with the depth of amber and soft cedarwood.

Ingredients : 100% pure perfume oils. 

Women Perfumes

    •       ConfiRed Feeling of confidence

Intense musk smoothly blended with the natural aroma of fruits, lilies of the valley & cassis.

           Rose Apple Bringing out the elegance in you
Green apples mingled with the warmth of musk and bay rose.

           Cherie icon Memories of blissful days
Fruity scents beautifully mixed with the refreshing aroma of flowers.

           Harmonie An undeniable scent of glamourLight flowery scents harmoniously blended with fully flavoured sandalwood and bergamot.Ingredients : 100% pure perfume oils.

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