• Anti-clockwise (Tawaf Clock)

Anti-clockwise (Tawaf Clock)

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Hijra Men Arabic  


Combination of white and black give the Hijra Men Arabic Edition 2014 watch a luxury feel.

The simple signature logo of Hijra on the watch’s caseback makes it a true collector’s item and as such, it comes in a special box.

Anti-Clockwise-- From Right To Left, But Why ? 

  • The Earth Is Round... It Revolves Around It Self... Anti Clockwise... The Stars And Planets In The Galaxies Go Anti Clockwise... The Planets Around The Sun Go Anti Clockwise... The Electrons In An Atom Revolve Around The Nucleus...Anti Clockwise...
  • The Muslims Go Around The Kaabah... Anti Clockwise...
  • All Race Tracks For Horses Are Anti-Clockwise Or The Horse Would Be Disoriented.
  • Arabic Of The Quran- Is Written From Right To Left., The Blood Pumps Anti-Clockwise
  • Runners In Sprints Go Anti-Clockwise
  • It Is Against The Fitrah To Do Things From Left To Right.
  • That's Why English Is From Left To Right.
  • And Analog Watches Are Clockwise .
  • Wearing An Analog Watch Makes You Tired. Because The Clockwise Movement Creates An Opposing Force To Your Pulse Direction. Anti-Magnetic Digital Watches Make You Less Tired As They Are Not Creating The Clockwise Movement. 
  • Still, Better To Wear An Anti-Clockwise Analog Watch.
  • It Is Against The Fitrah To Do Things From Left To Write Including Writing Or Even Stirring The Food On The Stove. 
  • The Devil Hates Us And Laughs At Us For Doing Things From Left To Right. He Laughs At Us When We Yawn Too, Because It Makes Us Look Like A Dog, And He Has Hated Us Since Adam, For Being Better Than Him.
  • Conclusion: Do Things From Right To Left, And It Will Make You Feel Energized Instead Of Tired. 
  • The Tawaf Is Being Done 24/7, Satellite Images Show Huge Energy Radiation From The Kabah Area.
  • Hajiis Feel Refreshed After Tawaf.
  • Is This Not An Indication That The Sunnah Of Allah Is Manifest In His Creation... In His Deen???... The Signs Are Everywhere... 
  • Subhaan Allah... But The Hypocrites... Cannot Comprehend.             "Back To Fitrah".

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