1. How can I find out more about ALTEROMALL?
      1. You will find general information, production details and the ALTEROMALL Code of Conduct here. If you are interested in financial information, please check under Investor Relations. From there, you will be able to download annual reports as well as the latest financial summaries. If you have further questions, please contact ALTEROMALL’s press department in your specific country. You will find names and email addresses here.
    2. I forgot my password / username - can you help me?
      1. If you forgot your password, just click the "Forgot password" link in our Affiliate System and we will send you an automated email with information on how to reset your password. A forgotten username can be retrieved directly via email.
    3. I responded to an email and/or online questionnaire to enter a contest. Is this an ALTEROMALL initiative or is it fraudulent?
      1. All ALTEROMALL campaigns are promoted through our website. ALTEROMALL cautions you to read the fine print and legal disclaimers when entering online contests. You will note in most situations that the promotion is in no way associated with our brand. If you have entered your cell phone number in response to an email that you received for a chance to win an ALTEROMALL contest,you are an on-going victim of this perpetration, or are now receiving unwanted SMS text messages, we encourage you to contact your phone provider and block the offending phone number.
    4. Facebook and Instagram is offering me a gift card that supposedly is to be valid at ALTEROMALL. Is this really true?
      1. Unfortunately, a number of fake campaigns and ALTEROMALL accounts are circulating on Facebook and Instagram giving away gift cards to our customers. We are aware of the problem and ALTEROMALL is not the only company afflicted. We do not support these kinds of actions and we always report them to Instagram and Facebook to get them closed down as soon as possible and prevent them from spreading even further. We truly apologize for the inconvenience that these fake campaigns may cause our customers.
    5. Phishing emails
      1. If you receive an email in which you are asked to give us card details or similar information, please be aware that this is not sent by ALTEROMALL. ALTEROMALL will only request account information in response to your queries via email or phone, or when there are uncertainties about an order you have placed. We will never ask for bank details by email. Please do not respond to such requests. When we ask for personal data in an email we will always ask you to contact us by email shopping@alteromall.com. We will never ask you to respond via a link.If you ever receive an email in which you are asked to give specific personal data via a link, do not reply to the email, do not click on the link and delete it immediately.
    6. What is a phishing email?
      1. Phishing email messages are designed to steal your identity and/or infect your computer with a virus. They ask for personal data, often by asking you to click on a link and directing you to websites or phone numbers where they ask you to provide personal data. The link will often try to infect your computer with a virus.
    7. Items in poor condition (torn, stained, broken, smelly, not working, missing accessories)
      1. What doesn’t ALTEROMALL accept?
        1. In general, Alteromall do not accept:
          1. Fragile items that could break in transit (china, vases, mirrors, paintings)
          2. Items that are bulky and difficult to ship (surfboards, furniture)
          3. High value items that cannot be authenticated (jewelry, art, watches)
          4. Media like books, magazines, DVDs and CDs (collectibles & box sets are OK)
          5. tems that require a license or code (subscriptions, computer games, software)
      2. Items prohibited for sale on ALTEROMALL
        1. Specifically:
          1. Adult-only items
          2. Alcohol, drugs, and drug paraphernalia
          3. Art
          4. Artifacts, grave-related items, and Native American arts and crafts
          5. Animals and wildlife products, including mounted specimens, fur coats and ivory
          6. Autographed items missing a certificate of authenticity
          7. Books (first edition with certificate of authenticity is OK)
          8. Catalytic converters and test pipes
          9. Child car seats
          10. Contracts, credit cards, lottery tickets, stocks, and other securities
          11. Cosmetics in unsealed condition
          12. Currency and stamps (authentic collectible coins are OK)
          13. Embargoed goods, and goods not allowed for sale in the US, including CDs that were intended only
          14. for distribution in a certain country
          15. Event tickets (authentic collectible tickets are OK)
          16. Firearms, weapons, and knives, including police and military paraphernalia
          17. Government documents, including IDs, licenses, and manuals
    8. How to shop online?
      1. Orders can be placed on our website. If you have seen an item in the catalogue, just click the product and proceed to shopping cart. Items are saved in the shopping bag for 7 days but don’t wait too long, the items are not reserved. When you're finished shopping, click on “Shopping cart" to place your order. Price, estimated tax and availability will be displayed. You may also edit your order at this time. When you’re happy with your order, proceed to checkout. Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email confirmation. An additional email will be sent to notify you that your order has shipped with a tracking link to trace your order.
      2. An item added to my shopping bag was suddenly sold out at checkout. How is this possible?
      3. The item is only reserved once your purchase is completed in the checkout. If an item is very popular, it might be available when you place it in your shopping bag, but sold out once you reach the checkout. An item added to your shopping bag is saved for 7 days, but availability cannot be guaranteed..
    9. How do I cancel or edit a placed order?
      1. Log into your ALTEROMALL Account and select "Pending Orders". Here, you can edit or cancel pending orders that haven't been processed yet.
    10. When is the amount debited from my Shopping Wallet?
      1. Your Shopping Wallet will be debited when you complete the Checkout process.
    11. Which are the other payment methods are accepted?
      1. The following credit cards will be introduced soon at ALTEROMALL : Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay and Paypal. Note that if you have pending orders, all orders will be paid for with the last credit card used.
    12. Are my credit card details and personal information safe?
      1. ALTEROMALL guarantees that your details are completely safe with us. All information is sent encrypted to ensure total security of any sensitive information. Read more in our Privacy Policy.
    13. How can I add a discount on my order?
      1. If you received a discount code from ALTEROMALL, you can enter this code at the checkout page. The field for the discount code is located on the right side above the purchased items.
    14. How long does delivery take?
      1. Your order should be delivered within 4 to 7 business days following order confirmation by the merchants. Please allow up to 2 additional days for rural zip codes. Places which requires additional time for delivery and may be subject to delivery restrictions based on the item type, weight and size.
    15. What are the shipping and handling costs?
      1. The shipping fee is set by the merchants, depending on your area and postal code, which then shopper need to bear the cost of receiving the products from merchants.
    16. How can I track my order?
      1. As soon as we are ready to ship your order we will send you an email with the delivery information. After that you will be able to track your order under My Pending Orders when you log in at My ALTEROMALL Account or by clicking the tracking link in your shipping confirmation email. It may take up to 24 hours before tracking information is updated.
    17. How do I return then goods or request for replacement or refund?
      1. To return your item:
        1. Logon to your buyer account.
        2. Click on My Account and then Order History.
        3. Select Return item, for that particular item you'd like to return.
        4. You'll see options to indicate your reason for returning, and to add photos of the item.
        5. Click Submit once all particulars are filled up.
      2. Your options for returning an item vary depending on what you want to return, and your seller's return policy. Please bare in mind that different sellers practices different type of return poilicies and so Alteromall truly advice buyer to understand them before submitting the order.
      3. Alteromall will not bare any losses occur upon return and/or refund cases within buyer and seller.
    18. Can I still get a refund if the seller doesn't accept refund cases?
      1. Even if a seller's return policy says they don't accept returns, you can still open a return request. Here are your options.
        1. If your item is damaged, or doesn't match the listing description, you're covered by the Alteromall Buyer protection act.
        2. If you’ve changed your mind or made a mistake, you can still request a return, but please be aware that the seller isn't obliged to accept your return.
    19. How do I get my refund after submitted everything?
      1. After you initiate a return request, the seller has up to 8 days to respond. The seller can:
        1. Accept the return. If they do, we'll notify you by email to print a return label and send the item back to the seller. You have 14 days to send it back. Once the seller has received the item, they have 6 business days to issue your refund.
        2. Offer a full or partial refund without a return.
      2. It usually takes 3 to 5 business days to receive a refund. If you paid using a credit card, it could take up to 30 days, depending on your card provider.
      3. You'll receive your refund after you've completed our online returns process. This includes the seller receiving the returned item. The seller then has up to 6 business days to inspect the item and start the refund. Some sellers may refund you sooner, depending on their returns policy.
      4. If the seller doesn't respond, or you're not satisfied with their response, you can ask Alteromall to step in after 8 days.